Identify your God-given abilities and
how they can help you grow
in your career and in business.

Create your vision for business,
and learn the tools to connect your calling
to a for-profit missional business.

Build a growth plan for your business,
while you create a business that is missional.

Seek God.  Excel in Business.  Change the World.

The Missional Business Challenge prepares the next generation of emerging entrepreneurs to launch Christ-centered companies that not only make profit, but meet the physical and spiritual needs of people they touch.
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What is the Missional Business Challenge, and how can the program help you?

The Missional Business Challenge offers four distinct program tracks, tailored to meet you along your entrepreneurial journey and provide the tools you need to succeed in business. See how past participants have been transformed through the content, and their experiences with the Missional Business Challenge

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Missional Career Accelerator

“I want a meaningful job after college.” The Missional Career Accelerator matches your God-given abilities and desires to a post-graduation job.

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Aspiring Entrepreneur Program

“I want to do something big for God, but I don’t know what.” The Aspiring Entrepreneur Program connects your calling to real for-profit, missional opportunities.

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Missional Incubator Program

“I have an idea for a missional company I want to explore.” The Missional Incubator Program helps you assess your world-changing idea and prepare for launch.

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Missional Growth Program

“I have an existing business that I want to make missional.” The Missional Growth Program makes you intentional about spiritual impact and business expansion.

[spoiler title=”What is the Missional Business Challenge?”]

The Missional Business Challenge is an 8-12 week blended learning experience that brings together world-class business education with transformational discipleship in partnership with a successful Christian executive who will serve as your mentor.

The Missional Business Challenge features:

  • Online learning – Much of the content is delivered to you via an interactive learning platform you can access anytime, anywhere in the world.
  • Customized Program – Four programs to choose from based on where you are in your career journey.
  • Mentorship – You are partnered with a Christian executive who will act as your mentor.
  • Cohort community – You’re not alone. You can connect regularly with colleagues in the program via our video group platform.


[spoiler title=”Why should I participate in the Missional Business Challenge?”]

If you feel a stirring to do something BIG for God, but you need some direction and tools either to get started or grow your idea, the Missional Business Challenge is for you. By the end of the program, you’ll have the skills, framework, and relationships to leap to the next level of your calling.


[spoiler title=”What can I expect?”]

  • Discover your calling by connecting your abilities and passions with a real need in the world
  • Master essential frameworks and capabilities to help you succeed in business
  • Create a workable plan for the next phase of your career journey
  • Be mentored by a successful Christian entrepreneur
  • Learn how to vibrantly live your faith through your work


[spoiler title=”When does the program start?”]

The Missional Career Accelerator program is being offered during the Summer of 2014. We are accepting applications now until May 15, 2014.

  • Program Dates: June 9 – August 9, 2014
  • Application Deadline: May 15, 2014

All other programs run during the Spring and Fall terms. You can still fill out an application for next Fall’s class and we will follow up late Summer. The programs can be completed at your own pace within the 12 week Fall semester.